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Rollers Dev Log #4

Since our initial launch of Race Royale a couple weeks ago, the team has been laser-focused on the improvements necessary to turn Retro Rollers into the world-class game we know it can be. These changes primarily fall into two categories: gameplay polish, and clean-up of internal systems in order to build a better game, faster. While we’re not quite finished with this phase of development, we’ve made significant progress and want everyone to see what we’ve been working on!...

2022-09-13 226 words 2 min

Rollers Dev Log #3

v0.5.8 Update Hey Roller Fam, we’ve got a lot of bugfixes and balancing changes rolling out today in preparation for our multiplayer alpha launch this Friday. Balancing Changes: The toxic fog was rather unforgiving at the start of the game, making it hard for new players to get used to the controls without dying in the first hundred meters. We’ve decreased the starting speed for the fog, but made it speed up faster over the course of a run....

2022-08-24 219 words 2 min

Rollers Dev Log #2

This week we’ve been hard at work on 2 main fronts: Improving multiplayer networking, and building the minting site for our upcoming launch. Multiplayer In the last week we’ve had some very productive nights of playtesting the upcoming multiplayer mode. A wide variety of issues have been identified and fixed. Today we’re doing a final round of testing to find any remaining issues before it goes live. Minting Site Ninja has been hard at work rebuilding our minting experience from scratch!...

2022-08-18 137 words 1 min

Rollers Dev Log #1

Hello Rollers! Every Wednesday we’re going to be sharing updates on all the exciting (and not-so-exciting) things the dev team has been working on. So, here’s what we’ve got going on this week: v0.5.5 is Live! Better hurry, the Toxic Fog is after you! Getting lost in the smog means certain doom. Fixed a bug that reduced your number of aerial moves in certain situations. Acrobatics should be even easier now!...

2022-07-29 215 words 2 min