Hello Rollers! Every Wednesday we’re going to be sharing updates on all the exciting (and not-so-exciting) things the dev team has been working on. So, here’s what we’ve got going on this week:

v0.5.5 is Live!

  • Better hurry, the Toxic Fog is after you! Getting lost in the smog means certain doom.
  • Fixed a bug that reduced your number of aerial moves in certain situations. Acrobatics should be even easier now!
  • A bunch of behind the scenes changes to prep for multiplayer.

Speaking of Multiplayer…wen?

  • We’re just about ready to release the Race Royale multiplayer mode, where you’ll be able to compete against up to 7 other Rollers in a race to the death.
  • The team had a very productive weekend playtesting that uncovered some more bugs and smaller issues we’re working through this week.
  • Targeting a launch of Race Royale alpha for August 13th.

Other News:

  • We’ve got a new website! We totally reorganized our site, so go explore and let us know what you think!
  • There’s a wiki now too! The info here will continue to grow as we do. wiki.retrorollers.xyz
  • Retro Rollers is too cool to be left to the browser, so we’re working on Mobile & Desktop Ports. Windows, Linux, and Android will go live first with Mac/iOS following shortly thereafter.