Since our initial launch of Race Royale a couple weeks ago, the team has been laser-focused on the improvements necessary to turn Retro Rollers into the world-class game we know it can be. These changes primarily fall into two categories: gameplay polish, and clean-up of internal systems in order to build a better game, faster. While we’re not quite finished with this phase of development, we’ve made significant progress and want everyone to see what we’ve been working on! The changes in todays release are a mix of major visual improvements and stability fixes to make gameplay smoother.

v0.6.1 Updates

  • Game view is zoomed out & the camera tracking has been improved to provide better visibility and smoother gameplay
  • Improved map loading to solve stuttering issues
  • Reskinned UI
  • Updated Dash animations
  • Awesome new Dynamic Lighting
  • Redesigned Dash collision handling to improve terrain interactions
  • Fix Gas collisions, so they always disappear after exploding
  • Gas collisions and bonks are both more forgiving

As part of this release, we’re temporarily turning off Race Royale mode. We need a few days to finalize improvements to the networking and roll out new servers, but wanted to get the other updates in everyones hands ASAP. In the meantime you can get familiar with the new changes in Classic mode so you’re ready to crush the competition when Race Royale is live again.